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Mombo Camp, Welcome to Mombo

Mombo Camp

The fantastically atmospheric Mombo Camp was designed by architects Silvio Rech and his partner Lesley Carstens with the aim of providing guests absolute luxury whilst also maintaining an atmosphere of Africa's finest classic tented safari camps.

To make things that little bit harder, their design brief stated that the feel was to be elegant, restrained, understated, colonial, real, timeless and enduring. The design goal was to capture the essence, spirit and feeling of the site itself and craft a camp that would blend organically into its surroundings, subtly conveying that it had been there for not the easiest of tasks!

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Pure Okavango Inspiration

Over the next six months, Silvio and Lesley lived at Mombo Camp, working with the builders, artisans and craftsmen and inputting into every aspect of the camp's construction. Their thoughts were simple: live in the middle of the Okavango with no distractions and design and creativity flows naturally - the place focuses the mind.

One of their principle design priorities was how to maintain the essential interaction with the camp's natural surroundings whilst also providing unparalleled levels of luxury. They were determined that Mombo should offer guests an African wilderness experience that evokes the magic and mystique of the great African tented safaris of the early part of the century. 

A Sense of Past and Present

In completion, they created a camp that seemingly dissolves into its environment, capturing the essence, spirit and feeling of its surroundings. By paying specific attention to the finer details at Mombo it becomes evident just how the designers conceptualised the smallest factors; guests will notice a colonial under current; sherry decanters, military chests, brass lamps and writing desks coupled with a naturalist feel created by wicker furniture, reed blinds, porcupine lampshades, Kuba and Show cloths and original inspirations such as pygmy beds from the Congo that have been converted into coffee tables! The result is an eclectic mixture of old and new that compliments the diversity of Mombo's habitat and subtly caters for every lavish want.


Rates for Mombo and Little Mombo Camp's vary depending on season as below

(rates are in USD$ and are per person per night)

  • 20 Dec 2017 to 10 Jan 2018 - $2,504
  • 11 Jan to 31 March 2018 - $1,933
  • 1 April to 31 May 2018 - $2,267
  • 1 June to 31 Oct 2018 - $2,960
  • 1 Nov to 19 Dec 2018 - $2,267
  • 20 Dec 2018 to 10 Jan 2019 - $2,580

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