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Mombo & Little Mombo, other resources

Other Resources

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Mombo. We have a number of other sites dedicated to amazing experiences in other parts of the world

More information Botswana  including all the safari areas 

Information on Tanzania Safaris  including all the different safari parks 

Information on Zanzibar Holidays including where to stay on Zanibar and the different beach areas 

Information on African Safaris - a general guide to where to take a safari in Africa, the pros and cons of the different safari areas

Information on South America Holidays

Some amazing Indian Ocean islands !

North island Seychelles - not cheap but the best the Indian Ocean has to offer

Tsarabanjina - one of our fave beach locations  - an amazing lodge and suprisingly cheap !

South America

One of our favourite destinations is Peru - and we have a lot of enquiries for Peru Honeymoons