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Mombo & Little Mombo, other resources

Other Resources

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Mombo. We have a number of other sites dedicated to amazing experiences in other parts of the world too... 

If Mombo has inspired you to visit the Okavango Delta please do check out our page. For further reading on Botswana and Botswana Safaris please also see our website for a huge amount of lodges and information on all the areas worth visiting in Botswana. 


Please also see our Tanzania Safaris and Tanzania safari holidays pages where we also have a huge amount of information on planning a trip to Tanzania, from honeymoons to family holidays and from adventure to absolute luxury... it is all there! The national parks of Tanzania include the famous Serengeti Safaris and the wonderousNgoronogoro Crater

If you are looking for Indian Ocean relaxation rather than an action packed safari (or maybe you are looking for both!) please see out information on Zanzibar Holidays including where to stay on Zanzibar and the different beach areas worth relaxing on.  

Africa as a whole  

We are the Africa experts. For our opinions and all the information you could need please see our Safari Holidays page - a general guide to where to take an African safari, and the pros and cons of the different safari areas. For Zambia information please see our Zambia Safari page. One of our favourite lodges in Africa is the amazing Giraffe Manorin Nairobi, so check this out for a really different kind of breakfast.

Some amazing Indian Ocean Islands

North island Seychelles - not cheap but the best the Indian Ocean has to offer. Tsarabanjina - one of our fave beach locations  - an amazing lodge and surprisingly cheap for the level of luxury it offers. 

South America

Information on South America Tours and Travel please see our South America Page. We organise trips all over this wonderful, wild and diverse continent. If you are looking for something a bit different next year, why not give our South America team a call! One of our favourite destinations is Peru - and we have a lot of enquiries for Peru Honeymoons.


We also organise fantastic trips around Asia - such a diverting, enchanting and completely vast and diverse continent. From the vibrant cities to the magical rolling hills; we organise trips all over for many different kinds of holidays. A lot of our enquiries are for Vietnam Honeymoons - one of the most romantic and adventurous places to honeymoon on the planet.